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Our Products

The identichip Mini is the smallest microchip we offer, best suited for smaller species/ breeds.

The identichip Standard uses our larger microchip, which is best suited for larger species/ breeds. 

The identichip Implanter is our reusable implantation device and is used with the Needle.

The identichip Needle uses the same microchip as the Standard and is used with the Implanter.

The UK's Original Microchipping Service

With 30+ years of experience, since our launch in 1989, identi’s microchip, identification, and pet finding services are at the forefront of the pet industry. 

Across the UK, over 5 million animals have been microchipped using identichip and today we are trusted by 1750+ veterinary practices, charities, local authorities and animal welfare organisations for reliable microchip products and support.

Dedicated Team

Our team of microchip experts are focussed on providing the best customer service possible, while delivering solutions based on individual needs.

Continuous Development

We are constantly reviewing how our products and services work to ensure that we stay at the forefront of the microchipping industry.

24/7 Database Support

The database behind our microchips matters. identibase has a full team of pet protection experts and a dedicated line for implanters which is in operation 24/7.