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The identichip Implanter

Ergonomic Design

The pistol grip design allows the Implanter to comfortably sit in any sized hand.

No-return Click System

After sliding the button forward in a continuous movement the slider is locked in place.

Cuts down on waste

Who needs single-use syringes anyway?


The identichip implanter is our reusable implantation device. While the Mini and Standard are implanted via a one-time use syringe, the Implanter is used in conjunction with the identichip Needle which can help cut down on waste. 

Requires the identichip Needle:

This product is only a delivery system and does not include any microchip. The identichip Needle is inserted into the top of this product to allow implantations to occur.

Special Warnings:

The identichip implanter is not shipped in sterile packaging and does not require sterilisation. However if you prefer to sterilise the handle between patients, cold liquid sterilisation is suitable.