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The identichip Needle

Anti-migration Technology

Secures the position of the microchip under the animal’s skin

Siliconised Needle

This anti-friction coating offers superior syringe performance and consistent injection force

Triple Bevelled Needle

Reduces trauma and promotes quick healing


While this chip is suitable for all pets, it is best used with larger species/breeds.

Required Equipment

Requires the identichip implanter gun. View the implanter gun here.

Box Size:

Width: 220.5mm, Height: 90mm, Depth: 105mm

Microchip Size:

The microchip itself is 2.2mm thick and 13.3mm long.

Manufactured to all relevant ISO Standards:

  • The ISO 11784 standard describes the structure and information of the identification code, which imposes in particular 15 digits codes. 
  • The ISO 11785 standard defines the technical aspect of communication between a microchip and a scanner.
  • The ISO 11135-1 standard deals with all the necessary requirements for the sterilization of health care products, using Ethylene oxide. This sterilization process is recognized at the European level for sterilizing Human and Veterinary medical devices.

Average Shelf Life (Before Implantation):

Every identichip comes with its sterilisation expiry printed on the label, but generally the chips, if stored correctly will last about 5 years. 

Special Warnings:

Store identichip in the outer carton until ready for use. The inner package is sterile until opened or damaged. The needle assembly can be detached from the syringe for disposal. 

x10 Standard Microchips in Syringe Implanters

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